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DDR sticker

So there she is.  My newest Christmas present.  I had asked Ulrike if she knew of a place where I could buy an older bike, or even rent one for the weeks I’m here.  Naturally, she offered up her old one.  She wasn’t sure if it would work or not, because it was from when she was my age.  When we took a look at it, it didn’t have breaks and half of the handle bar was missing.  I thought that was the end of it.  

The next morning [today], I arrived at their house around 11am.  Lo and behold, there was Ali working on it.  He must have gone out and bought the missing parts.  In a couple of hours, after we had eaten lunch, the bike was all fixed and ready to go. We all went on a bike ride along the river. The sun was shining and it was hot. Linn showed me where she rides horses and we made it to my dorm around 3pm.  

This bike is sweet.  It can’t go very fast and I’m worried it might break at any time.  Apparently there are three gears that I can switch in and out of.  But to do this involves pulling a lever thing by my knees.  I’m a little wary of it.  So I think I’ll leave it in 2nd forever.  I feel like I’m riding a piece of history. Isn’t that DDR sticker cool? And the light on the front. And the leather seat. Uh, I’m in love.




view of hallway.  my room is on the far left end. 



the view from my doorway.



bathroom is on the left-hand side.



closet on the right.



my room.


View from window.

view from window.