Everything went very smoothly with checking out of Magdeburg.  I went to Berlin to pick up Andrea, we toured Berlin, and came back to Magdeburg.  She was pretty out of it – who can blame her.  We woke up, cleaned my room and had the meeting with the Hausmeister.   Then we headed to the train station in Sylvias car and I said my final farewell to Magdeburg.  I’m really glad Andrea was there, it would have been harder to leave all alone.

So we made it to Frankfurt, I checked my huge bag at the airport for the week.  Our flight to Milan was on time.  Dianes friend picked us up from the airport in Milan, and we went back to their house to spend the night.  They were incredibly gracious.  Today we are going into Milan and then heading to Venice by train!

So excited! Except for the fact that we are going to stick out like sore thumbs in the Fashion Capital of the world today. Hah.

Peace and Love!


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