schon einen Monat?

Sorry it has been a week with no updates! 

Already a month? Goodness. Sometimes I really cannot believe how fast time can fly.  Four weeks ago I was sitting at home all nervous and exited and scared, but not really wanting to come.  Not wanting to miss another summer with my friends and family, miss my birthday again like I do every summer, miss the taste of chicago, miss 4th of july, miss boating and swimming and beaching, miss family camp… And there are times when I still wish I could be doing those things.  But the truth is, I would want to be back here after a day or so.  I will be ready to come home, because I will have to be ready.  That is just how the process/cycle of doing these trips works.  Transitions are hard, but beautiful and rewarding at the same time.   But it is a good feeling to have when you feel settled and content with where you are and what you are doing.  And usually that is a conscious choice that you have to make. 

Last week at work, things were interesting, for lack of a better word.  I finished up on the first leg of busy work in excel.  Which deserves some comment.  All the excel stuff I have been doing has obviously been in German excel.  Which you would think would be no big deal, except that all the words are in German.  So if you know anything about excel, there are command prompts that you can give, such as SUM or AVGERAGE or SQRT, and these have proven to be the most challenging to figure out.  Everything else I can pretty much figure out by memory (“ok, to view the page without all the lines was under the fourth tab, on the left hand side, two down, oh wait that did not work, maybe three down…” haha yea, the process pretty much goes like that in my head).  

There is a meeting this Thursday with the apartment building company, MWG.  I do not know the objective of this meeting, but I think it is a very preliminary decision meeting.  More informational for the MWG.  So I had to start writing “the report”.  I think that having this report finished and perfect before I leave is the ultimate goal of my internship.  Sylvia and I made a very basic outline of what it would contain.  I was to start working on the basic introduction of solar panels, how they work, different types, different parameters that affect the effectiveness, etc. So basic, general information.  What took me two days to produce in German would have taken me maybe two hours in English.  That is the prime example of how a company loses when they hire international employees.


One response to “schon einen Monat?

  1. I simply cannot believe it has been a month since Elena and I dropped you at O’Hare airport! Wow, you seem to have packed a whole summer of incredible activities and outings into just your first month! And a month from now will be your 21st Birthday. We simply must do a Skype video conference on that blessed day!

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