end of week 3.

So I have four days of work behind me this week already.  Time is really flying.  Monday and Tuesday I was in the office doing excel stuff.  Wednesday and today I took pictures.  The work is fine.  Its easy and mundane, but I guess thats what an intern should expect.  The basic jist of this project, for those who don’t know, is the following:  There is a apartment organization that owns apartment buildings all over the city.  The name of this is MWG, which stands for Magdeburg Wohnung Genossenschaft [translation: Magdeburg Apartment Corporation].  The MWG is considering putting solar panels on top of their buildings. I basically do the exact same thing for every apartment building (there are 220+), which is filling out information in an excel table such as the area of the roof, what kind of roof it is, what the angle of the roof is, is there anything on top of the roof, will there ever be shadows, what is the orientation of the building, etc.  So it’s a lot of repetition, but somebody has got to do it.   If it seems feasible in the end to actually put solar panels on the roofs of a portion of the apartment buildings, then ITG [my firm] will put a bid on the project.


I got up this morning and set out to get my Aufenthaltstitel [permit of residence].  I was determined- nothing would stop me! They would just have to suck it up and deal with my American insurance!  It took alonnnng time, but I did walk out with my permit! Its pretty cool- its glued in my passport!  I had to get a special biometric picture taken (10 euro) and the permit itself put me back another 50 euro.  😦  Thats groceries for a month!

Anyway, today after I got back from 5 hours out on the town, I was just exhausted [and a little sunburned- which I was happy about 🙂 sorry mom].  After running 7 miles at a fast pace on Tuesday with Marc, a Canadian, william and elliotand Elliot, an American from Savannah, Georgia [he is on the right in the picture] putting in a full day of biking/walking taking pictures on Wednesday and dancing into the wee hours of Thursday morning, and then today putting in the 5 hours of walking… I was just tired!

I had heard that people sometimes would go up on the roof of the dorm- so I decided to check it out.  Sure enough, you just keep going up the stairs, climb over a gate/fence thing, and then crawl out a window and you are there. There was one part on the roof that was higher than the other parts, naturally I decided I had to be at the highest point.  Well in order to loft myself 9 feet in the air, I used a random chair that was sitting there.  And I broke the chair haha.  The seat just kinda collapsed when I put pressure there to jump. Whoops! I sat and finished my second book – The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls.  Then I napped for a while in the late afternoon sun.  It was pretty great to say the least.  I looked around and started to notice a lot of windmills.  So I counted them- 108 windmills.  I could see 108 windmills from where I sitting on the roof! When it started to get a little windy I went back to my room and Marc, the Canadian, wanted to go running, so we went.  He’s very opinionated and I like ranting with him about politics and international relations.

Living in the dorms continues to be fun! I have found a nitch with a large group of pre-existing friends.  But now I am generally accepted, and if I dare say it, genuinely liked.  Sometimes I forget that they actually have homework and tests to study for… like we will be hanging out, and then they will start talking about school. So glad I’m not having to deal with that.  Even though the work ethic here I see is very low- I think these kids would have a hard time adjusting to the Calvin workload.  When I told someone that I only skipped class 3 or 4 times last semester, and that I have class 4 days a week, they were shocked.   So tonight there is some guys birthday party downstairs in IKUS [the international student program/hang-out place].   I’ll probably go for a bit, but my bed-time is early tonight.  🙂

Love and miss you all! I like getting updates about what people are doing back home- so send me an email!


One response to “end of week 3.

  1. haha I bet one of your Rick Steve’s books is for Italy too isn’t it?? Time certainly does fly… glad to see you had a good time in Amsterdam! The Anne Frank house is worth the money isn’t it? It’s an experience. I loved looking at your pics, they made me want to go back again!

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