dutch word of the day.

Schilderijzaal = Picture-gallery


anne frank is me in front of the anne frank house.

i amsterdamthe famous ‘i amsterdam’ letters.

sunsetsunset on the rooftop of our hostel.

rooftopsother view of rooftops.

skinny bldg.the skinny-est building in amsterdam.

bike on bridgeme posing with a bike over a canal.

typical bldgs.uh, i LOVE this picture. the boat house, the bright colors.

red-lightsa calm part of the red-light district.

bike in amsterdama sweet bike picture. might be my favorite of all i took in amsterdam.


4 responses to “schilderijzaal.

  1. Steven A. Denny

    Your pix are fabulous! Especially that one of the row houses, the color is just superior. Keep the pix coming!

  2. skinniest building = hilarious and the first shot looks like you are benjamin button returning to the locks of your youth. REDHEAD. hah, very cute though. The pictures are great. The crushed tire kinda made me sad, but it made for nice art. Anyhoot, love to read and see your updates! ❤

  3. Katrina-
    Saw Emily at CCOB on Sun & she sent me your blog. WOW! What an amazing time you are having. May God continue to be your source of guidance, strength & peace.

  4. Katrina, I would love to know how you climbed up on top of the “t” — first, up the “e” and then jumped over, or how???

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