I spent the first half of my day running around trying to get my Aufenthaltstitel/Aufenthaltserlaubnis.  This is equivalent to a permit of residence.  So saying I can live here. Haha… probably should have done this earlier, not two weeks into my time here.  Oh well. The main problem is right now is getting some sort of document saying that I am insured, and that my insurance will cover me in Germany.  My flimsy little BlueCross BlueShield card was laughed at when I showed it to the mean German lady behind the counter.

I still haven’t had a ‘normal’ work day.  Something has always had to be done before I could come to the office, or I’ve had to leave early.  Once this Aufenthaltstitel is taken care of I’m pretty sure I’ll be good to go.  I still don’t really know what my hours are.  I’m assuming 9-4:30? Herr Ball said I could come in at 9, and everyone leaves at 4:30.  So that’s what I’m gonna do.  Martin comes in at 7:30 however, and he said that then he can have a half day on Friday.  I’m just gonna go with the flow.

Diane and I have been planning a weekend to Amsterdam.  She had off on Thursday for a Catholic Holiday (she works in the south, where most people are catholic) but up north in the good old evangelical section of Germany we didn’t get that day off.  I find this somewhat humorous.  I brought up the fact that I was going to Amsterdam this weekend with Sylvia.  I just flatly told her that the trains leave every two hours until 5pm, the train ride is 6 hours, and that I’d like to get there not long after dark.  She said that we’d have to wait and see , that she wasn’t sure. So today, Thursday, I still wasn’t sure of what my plans were going to be.  I hardly felt like I could bring this up since I haven’t worked a full day at the office yet.  But before she left, Sylvia came into my office, kinda closed the door, and said with a big smile on her face, ‘Tomorrow.  I talked with Herr Ball.  Take the first train.” I wasn’t really expecting this, but once I realized the permission had to come from Herr Ball, I wasn’t surprised.   We have hit if off well.  But then again, I do sit in his office, so maybe he just wants his office tomorrow haha…

So tonight, I am packing for my 9am train to Amsterdam.  The land of my ancestors.  Haha. Diane is arriving earlier that I am, so she will meet me on the train station tomorrow around 3pm.  I booked a hostel for Friday and Saturday nights.  I’m pretty excited!!

It is still cold and rainy and miserable here. I’m not really prepared for 50’s and rain.  If it wasn’t so gross outside, I’d be going for a run right now.

I’m almost done with the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.  I have absolutely loved every page of it.  Why is this book not a movie??  My mom said this book is normally a hit with older women… But I have found myself relating to a lot of the content.  Probably because I’m living and traveling alone right now, and so was she in the book.  I love Anne Lamott’s quote on the cover stating, “A wonderful book, brilliant and personal, rich in spiritual insight.” And boy it is.  I have to be careful where I read it though, I’ve teared up or randomly started laughing so many times.  Today while I was waiting for the train I was literally crying, sitting on my bench wiping tears from my eyes, haha… so embarassing.  I’m probably going to read it again while I’m here.


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