hand ball.

So recap. I had a very long day of apartment visiting on Friday.  I was outside for over 9 hours.  Public transportation time was about an hour, so I walked for over 8 hours, first for 6 hours in the morning, and then feeling like I hadn’t accomplished enough, I went back out for 3 more hours.  It was rough.  And I don’t walk that slowly, so probably at least a 20min/mile pace.  So that’s what, 3 miles an hour?  Ok you do the math.  I don’t really want to think about it.  I came back to the dorms tired, my feet and legs hurting.  Thankfully Elena was on Skype, so I got to vent to her.  I ran into Juan Pablo and he invited me to come watch a movie with some of his friends.  I was thankful for the invite and showered and went to watch Fight Club.  First time I’d ever seen that movie.

Went to the Handball game on Saturday with Herr Ball.  It was great! I’d never seen a game of this sport before; it was so quick!  We had VIP like passes because ITG is a sponsor of the team, which let us go to in this back room with tons of food and drink.  I’m sure I looked like a lost duck in this room.  I stuck close to Herr Ball, he introduced me to a ton of people, and then his wife came.  She was very sweet and chatted with me, which I was also grateful for.  During the game, the woman behind me spilled her beer on me.  Literally down the back of my pants, and I was sitting on my jacket and scarf so they also got soaked.  Like LITERALLY my underwear and entire seat of my pants was wet with beer. Awesome. In an emotional and exciting game, Magdeburg won by a couple goals. Then after the game, we went back to this VIP room, had more food and drink, and all the players came in one by one.  I was kind-of overwhelmed and over-stimulated.  And uncomfortable due to my wet butt.

Also, apparently I was not expected to have conquered the whole city in two days.  But I’m back to the office on Monday morning!  Sylvia, who I’ll be working with, will be back from vacation.

There was a Spanish party last night in the basement, put on by all the Spaniards here in the dorms.   They prepared a limited amount of traditional Spanish cuisine, which I never got a chance to taste, and had made a ton of Sangria.  I’m starting to feel like I recognize more people.   Then I went Salsa dancing with Juan Pablo and a few other Mexicans and Germans.  One of the German guys heard me talking in German, asked where I was from, and when I said Chicago, he was shocked! He thought I was German.  I was thrilled.  Whoever thought I would learn to salsa in Germany… J


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