Chances are looking slim that I’m going to get a Student ID.  Which means no stable internet connection, no stable laundry, and no free public transportation.  This is a major bummer.   I thought this was something I had taken care of before I left, but apparently not.   It could be worse though, because I can have internet when my neighbor is here, I just have to do my laundry in another dorm or borrow someone’s ID, and continue to be a ‘Schwarzfahrer’ or just give in buy a very expensive train pass.  

I’m about to get picked up by Sylvia to go dancing.  I thought at first she said ‘Folk-dancing’, like western country style.  I was like, ok this is something I have got to see, Germans doing Folk dancing.   On the way home from work, Martin [the new guy], starting laughing and redirected my thoughts, that this was in fact ‘Volk-dancing’, like the Waltz.  Ahhhhh what have I gotten myself into.  I didn’t really want to go, but I figure if I say no, the invites might stop coming.  I don’t have a partner or anything.   And it’s in German.  I don’t know any German dancing words haha

***Edit: I just got back from ‘Folk-Dancing’.  Yes it was Folk/Volk… I don’t really know.  What an experience.  There were 8 of us.  We danced and twirled in a circle and threw our hands up in the air like we were love struck hippies.  For 1.5 hours.

Went for a run, came back, and found out my hair-dryer is fried.  I might cave and buy a European one. Birthday present?

Hopefully I’m going to get Friday off of work, and then Diane and I are going to go to Amsterdam and Belgium.  I’ll finally get to walk the lands of my ancestors.


2 responses to “folk-dancing.

  1. haha sorry i would get u the hairdryer but i already got u a present for ur birthday…what time is it again???

  2. Das ist großer Fortschritt, wenn man glaubt, dass du aus Deutschland kommst. Deine Aussprache muss sehr gut sein. Ich gratuliere und hoffe, dass du dir einen neuen Haarföhn bald kaufen kannst! Schade, dass du keine Fotos von deinem Tanzabend hast…

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