call me hans.

 ‘Hans Guck-in-die-Luft’ is a well-known German children’s story about the horrible fate of a Hans, a boy, who always looked in the sky.  Today I was Hans.  Minus the horrible fate I guess.  

Lets just say that I am thankful God has blessed with a good sense of direction.  Those who fear maps and public transportation would have absolutely hated my day.   So here is how the process went.  I had to look on the map to figure out where I was, search earnestly in the sky to find the apartment buildings with MWG on them, go up to the building to verify it was the correct one on my list, then walk two blocks away and take a picture of the roof.  I walked for 4 hours straight. There are 5 pages of these apartment buildings, I got through one page today.  

When I first started, I realized my iPod was dead. This was especially a disappointment because I was wearing these dangly earrings that I could hear in the wind.  And it was freezing and very windy today.  Then I realized I’d forgotten a pen.  About an hour later, I had gotten blisters from my best walking shoes I brought.   Was a bit of a rough start.  

I’m not sure what people thought of me today.  I must have looked extremely odd- walking around with a camera, map and notebook, going up to all these random buildings then turning the exact opposite direction and taking pictures.  I got some funny looks to say the least.  

Herr Ball said I should ‘take a couple days’ to visit all these apartments.  I don’t think I can walk for 12 hours straight.  Tomorrow I’m going to have to seriously kick some butt.  And I’m wearing my tennis shoes.  

On a more positive note, Herr Ball continues to be a delight.  This morning he made me coffee and gave up his office for me to work in.  After being at the office for an hour, he offered to drive me back to Magdeburg so I could start looking at the buildings.  We talked the whole way back from Schönebeck, mostly about non-Engineering stuff.  And he invited me to go to the last Handball match of the season this Saturday, with his family I presume.  So we’ll just have to see.


One response to “call me hans.

  1. Katrina I’m lovin your blog! Glad to hear you’ve already met lots of people… don’t forget you’re supposed to bring back a foreign boy with you at the end of this 😉 (Fatso?? Juan?? … haha) You’ll have to let me know how your quest for buildings to put solar panels on goes because you know I love that renewable energy! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend 🙂

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