contact me.

I’ve forgotten to give this information out! Thanks for the reminder Emily 🙂

Handy Nummer:



Katrina Denny


Wohneinheit Nr. 0528

39106 Magdeburg

Send me pictures!! I need things up on my walls.


3 responses to “contact me.

  1. Gerald and Ruth Denny

    We will be thinking of you this summer. So sorry to hear of the loss of a frined. That’s never easy. Keep in touch and we will try to get to this regularly to hear how you are doing.
    -Gerald & Ruth

  2. Ok – Bring that bike home. After this summer you’ll never want to part with that bike. I can see that bike cruising the streets of Grand Rapids, or better yet, Chicago. Talk with Anna – She knows all about transporting bikes across the Atlantic.

  3. First, totally agree about the bike. You’ll be the envy of the Schempers and all other people with quirky good taste.

    Second, I sent you some pictures. Of Zora. Of course. One is cute, one looks like a mug shot, and one involves Uncle Luge and a really really big piece of drift wood. Enjoy.

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