Stayed up late last night writing my other blog entries and woke up today pretty late, after 12:30pm.  I was brushing my teeth and my handy rang. I swear this woman thinks she needs to adopt me.  She asked when I wanted them to pick me up, told me not to eat anything and was happy I’d slept so late.  I insisted I’d walk over because the sun was shining. When I arrived I handed her a birthday card I bought, and in return received a huge plate of food which was waiting for me.  I met her brother, sister in law and niece.  Elisabet was 12.  I mostly hung out with the kids all day.  We played Badminton, blew up balloons, played a Kareoke game, looked at pictures… Slowly more adults began to arrive, friends and cousins.  A man with three blonde, tall daughters showed up.  I don’t know how old they were, probably 16, 22, and 24 I think.  Everyone under the age of 40 went to the park, while ‘die Alten’ went for a walk along the river.  They all talk sooo fast.  If I really try I can keep up.  But it takes so much effort.  So I zone out sometimes.  I was intimidated  by these daughters for some reason.  

There was no question whether or not I was staying for dinner, it would have been rude to leave. And what a feast.  It started to downpour again [I swear I bring the rain], so the meal had to be moved inside.  By this time there were at 15 adults, none of whom I’d actually talked with, who sat at the grown-up table.  The kids [Linn(13), Lela(6), Elisabet(12), me, and the 3 blondes] sat at another table. I didn’t really say much, as my custom, until the blondes starting asking me some questions, the basic, uh who are you and what are you doing here type. They complimented me on my German, which was very undeserved since I’d not really spoken with them.  I’m not sure if I came across as rude, dumb, tired or just blissfully content.  I just try to keep a smile on my face. 

At 10:00pm, I decided I’d been there long enough and  if I didn’t make a move, I’d be there another 2 hours until one of the guests offered to drive me home.  It was still a little light out, so I told Linn I should get going and could just walk home.  Ulrike insisted on giving me her bike and apologized that she didn’t really talk to me the entire time.  I was like, please woman, this is your birthday! You should be spending it with your friends and family- not some American College student you have decided to take in.  When I was fumbling for my keys, she said if I couldn’t find them I could just spend the night.  Go figure.  She asked if I had everything set for tomorrow morning, as in if I had food to eat for breakfast.  Um, yes.  I have really landed a gem with this woman.   I am still baffled by her kindness and generosity. I must have really charmed her or something, because I can’t figure it out.

When I bike back tomorrow she is going to take me on a bike tour of the city center.  I also can’t forget my pants that she washed for me and put on the line to dry.  Naturally she offered to wash my jeans because they got so dirty from our bike ride in the rain yesterday. 

Met another Bulgarian on my end of the floor.  Our dorm has probably 40 rooms on each side of the hallway, so 80 total.  There are about 7 on each side, so 14 total, in my section of the dorm.  I’m the only American and there are no Germans.  I am on the very end of the dorm.  So I look down the long hallway and see all 80 rooms, which is kind-of nice because I’m somewhat isolated from noise and what not.  But our kitchen is the only kitchen that has a table and chairs in it. Therefore it is the most popular. Apparently it is against fire code to have these objects in the kitchen, but after a long battle with one of the students where the Resident Director of our Dorm would bring the table to the garbage, and the student would bring it back, the Resident Director gave up.  So the table sits. 

The other students are so nice! One actually let me use his internet, then another came and just offered to give me his connection. So now I have internet! Then they told me how to do laundry and how the mensa works.  A bunch of them are going to Stockholm this weekend and even invited me to go with.  There is no way I would go right after my first week of work though.  Oh, ‘Fatso’ just came in and said goodnight ‘Ciao baby good dreams’. Haha I love broken English 🙂

One more day before I start work!


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