31 things.

I was restless and anxious last night.  I hate the night before a big trip. As I was lying in bed last night, I had a pen and paper to write down a list of all the last minute things to do today.  This list ended up containing 31 items. Most of them are short, so it shouldn’t take that long. My top five were:

  1. visit grandma and grandpa
  2. do nails 
  3. shower 
  4. print off train times 
  5. update blog

So here goes number 5. I have to be 100% ready by 3pm today.  This is when Jon’s prom craziness begins.  Prom is kind-of ridiculous if you ask me. Hundreds of dollars for one event that is supposedly the best night of your life… pathetic. I’m going to tag along, take pictures at Timothy, then his group is getting transported by a stretch Hummer [kill me…] to some park where we will take more pictures.  At 5pm my Dad, Elena and I will head to the O’Hare International Airport to send me away. 

When I land in Frankfurt, it will be 11:10 Friday morning.  I will have to get through customs, hopefully without too much trouble.  I’ll take a train, well it actually will be more like 3 trains, from Frankfurt to Magdeburg.  If I’m very ambitious, the first train leaves at 12:47 from the airport train station, it would awesome if I could make that.  So thats an hour and a half to get through customs, get my baggage, and get my train pass stamped. It’ll happen maybe? If I can’t make that happen, the next set of trains leaves at 13:47.  

Frau Slyvia Westermann will be picking me up from the train station. She works for ITG.  I’m assuming she’ll take me to the dorms? I don’t really know.  I’m hoping to spend the first couple days with Professor Neumann and his family.  Professor Neumann is the contact that my Professor Roberts had in Germany. Aka he made this happen.  He generously offered to host me because it’s a national holiday, Pfingsten [Pentecost], and he didn’t want me stranded in the dorms.  What a dear.  I like him already. Prof. Neumann has two 20-something aged children, who are thinking of visiting home this weekend.  Hopefully I’ll make a good impression on them.  

Off to finish my other 23 obligations. Look, I’m already done with 8. 

german word[s] of the day.

Der Zug- Train

Der Flughafen- Airport

Der Flugzeug-Plane


One response to “31 things.

  1. We made it to Jon’s prom took the pictures, zipped out to O’Hare Airport, went to the wrong terminal (Germany is International, right?), found the right terminal, and said goodbye to Katrina. What a whirlwind final few days for her, especially since she was sick with a cold the week before leaving for Germany. Lord keep her safe and protect my daughter in Europe.

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